Amazon Wish Lists in the Classroom

Monday, June 30, 2014 5 comments
Do you have a list of books that you'd love to have for your students but you just can't keep pouring your own money into your classroom library? Do you go through dry erase markers like they grow on trees?

You need to create an Amazon Wish List!

Amazon Wish Lists are great for asking for specific supplies for your classroom. It's simple and easy to share the link to your Wish List via Social Media, emails, letters, blogs, etc. too.

First, you need to create an Amazon account. If you don't have one already [click here]. 

Next you'll want to create your Wish List. 
You'll see this button on the far right hand side of your screen. Click the drop down button and choose 'Create A Wish List'.

You then need to choose if your list is for you, a friend, or a child. I created my list for me. 

Give your list a fun name, and be sure to include a description. I was sure to write where I graduated from, any degrees I hold, where and what I teach.

Now your Wish List is done! Here's the fun part, you get to begin shopping for your classroom! Simply search Amazon as if you were looking to buy something. On the right hand side, you'll choose 'Add To Wish List'. This is located underneath the 'Add to Cart' button. You can even choose from a drop down list if you create multiple lists.

Finally, you need to share your Wish List. As a first year teacher last year, I shared mine with family members and friends. Most of my loved ones realized how hard setting up a classroom was when you're starting from scratch and they were happy to help. Also, after checking with your administration, you could include the link to your Classroom Wish List in your weekly newsletters or even on your classroom site. I have my Wish List linked up on my Blog, my Facebook, and I will send this to friends and family again this year around Christmas time.

Do you have a Wish List? How do you use it in your classroom? Who do you share it with?

Leave your link in the comments! 

Giveaway Time

Thursday, June 26, 2014 1 comment

I'm so excited to have teamed up with Ms. 3rd Grade to celebrate some fantastic milestones!

From Mrs. 3rd Gradeherself,

"I am so excited for how far I have come on this journey! I started this journey hoping to make some things for my classroom, and to make new things for my students. I never imagined so many people would want to know what I have to say! Thank you all!!

I am so happy with this giveaway!! I have some AMAZING products to share with you valuing over $80!!

HEY! That's me :)

The amazing teachers that have teamed up with me for this giveaway are offering you some amazing products!  Make sure to check each of them out to see what they have to offer for you!!  The giveaway will run today through Sunday night!!  I will announce the winner on Monday!!"

Good Luck!

What I'm Loving Wednesday #2

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 7 comments
Excited to link up again with Covered in Glitter and Glue for "What I'm Loving Wednesday".

Whole Brain Teaching! 

I have been watching some YouTube videos of Whole Brain Teaching in the classroom and I wanted to do some more research so I bought the book...for $11.00 on Amazon. [Buy Your Copy Here] Let me start by saying just in chapters 1-5 you get your 11 dollars worth! I'm already in love with the program and a bit disappointed no one showed it to me earlier!

Do you use Whole Brain Teaching? Leave me your thoughts in the comments. I'm still very new to this and would love to hear from teachers who use it in the classroom.

My Fitness Pal and Map My Run

I have decided I'm getting my booty in shape, whether it kills me or not! I have teamed up with some awesome teachers on Facebook for support, motivation and that accountability piece. I'm excited to get started, the creator of our group has even instated a point system to make it a friendly competition. I'm excited to see how it plays out and hopefully shed a few pounds :)

If you'd like to join our journey and participate in our Facebook group, shoot me an email at 
and I'll be happy to get you some more information.

The Lake of The Ozarks

It's girls' weekend and I cannot wait to meet up with my friends at the Lake on Friday! 

Since we all went to school in Springfield, Missouri [Missouri State University] but half of us are from the St. Louis area and the other half are from the Kansas City area the Lake has been the perfect meeting place to get together. 

Have a fantastic week, hope you're enjoying your summer!

Two for Tuesday

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 1 comment
We are just loving 'Two for Tuesday'! What a great opportunity to go shopping from the comfort of your summer deckchair AND save 50% of fabulous new finds to make your new teaching year a whole lot easier!

The first item I'm featuring at 50% off is my Super Hero Area/Perimeter SCOOT Game.

This item comes with 24 SCOOT cards that will challenge students to find area, perimeter, and the missing sides of rectangles. This pack comes with a recording sheet & answer key!

You can grab this item HERE!

The next item I've got on sale is my Monster Multiplication Task Cards with Self-Checking QR Codes.

This pack includes 90 Task Cards with 3 different levels for differentiation!

Level 1 - 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication

Level 2 - 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication

Level 3 - 3 digit by 2 digit multiplication

And of course there's an recording sheet for your little monsters to use.

You can grab this product HERE!

Check out all of the other bloggers who are linking up with The Teaching Tribune HERE.

I LOVE my Planner!

Sunday, June 22, 2014 3 comments
I'm so excited that my planner for the 2014-2015 school year came in the mail this weekend. It's beautiful.

I had been going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to buy an Erin Condren planner. Yes, they're adorable. And yes, they look durable. But there were so many pages I didn't plan to use and the price was just something I couldn't stomach. 

So I went on to TPT and found the most amazing download from A Modern Teacher. What I love most about this download was that it was completely customizable! I was able to put my subjects in the orders that I wanted and I could arrange my calendars and plan pages just how I needed them to be.

Once I had everything designed the way I needed it I looked and looked to get it printed in color. Do I need Does it make me happy to have a color planner...yes! I called around locally and couldn't get 153 pages, printed color, front and back for less than $83.00 and that was without binding or anything fancy! 

I had heard about Best Value Copy so I figured I'd give them a shot. I was pretty nervous because they don't have a preview of your product once you've customized, but I was sure to double check everything a million times. Needless to say, my planner arrived and it is exactly what I wanted! 

The printing, binding, clear cover and hard back cost me $29.74! That was the absolute lowest I could find!

Click this referral link for Best Value Copy! You will definitely be pleased with your purchase. 

All in all, my planner cost 
$8.50 for the digital download
+ $29.74 for printing and binding
= $38.24
which leaves tons of money to buy my new favorite FriXion Erasable Pens! 

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 7 comments

I'm so excited that I'm starting my position as an officer of the Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae Association of St. Louis. In college I was involved in EVERYTHING and I loved it. Since graduating I've been bogged down with being a first year teach and obsessing over everything education. I think it's going to be a nice change of pace to get involved in something (other than school).


I have gotten so many free books and I am SO excited about it. You probably have Facebook, and if you don't I'm impressed that you follow blogs (so good for you!). Anyway, you probably have a Facebook account and you probably live in or close to a largely populated area. I have recently heard of these buy & sell groups on Facebook where you post what you're looking for or the junk you want to get rid of (the idea of Craigslist without so many sketchy people).

So here's what I posted...

And the response I got was overwhelming!

*Disclaimer: I did drive all around town picking up these books, but they were all FREE!

Andddd...finally! I am so excited for my new FriXion ERASABLE pens to come in the mail. I absolutely cannot stand writing in pencil, but I hate scratching out stuff all the time when I write in pen and white out is too obnoxious to carry around 24/7. So, while I was sitting in a workshop last week I saw the girl next to me was writing...and then erasing...and the pens were flowing on the page like butter! Really though, teachers + a good pen = harmony.

You can read more about them HERE and yes, they're really expensive for pens (I know!) but I ordered mine on Amazon for $11.00 and they'll be here tomorrow! I.CANNOT.WAIT!

Welp, that's what I'm lovin' lately! I hope you enjoyed reading my ridiculously excited writing/rambling.

Happy Wednesday!

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