June/July SLANT Box

Friday, August 1, 2014
The SLANT Box Exchange

This was my first SLANT box exchange I have participated in and it was so much fun! I love getting things in the mail, especially packages, so this was right up my alley :)

I received my FANTASTIC package from Rachel Edson (check out her blog!) and let me tell you what, she hit the nail on the head with this one. I loved everything she included - definitely a box of sunshine!

Here's what my AMAZING box of sunshine included:
-Homemade (extra large) paperclips that will be perfect for my planbook!
-Polka dot mason jar to match my polka dot classroom theme
-Re-useable ice cubes so my drink is always cold, but of course never watered down
-Drink mixes, these will come in handy next week when workshops start up
-Monogram M notecards
-Magnetic picture frame to show off my favorite summer memory
-Running Magazine because "I swear I'm going to get into running"

I can't wait to participate in the next SLANT box! If you're interested in more information or how to participate, check out Lesson With Coffee's blog!

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