The Big Classroom Reveal

Friday, August 8, 2014
Let me start by saying I am going to have the best year...ever! Last night was "Sneak a Peek" or supply drop off as many of you may call it (which is why I was finally able to get pictures of my room, because it's DONE!). Anyway, I was nervous to meet all of my new second graders but I was surprised that the night was going pretty smoothly - parents are great, kids are adorable, everyone was in and out with no problems! And then the funniest moment of my life happened. Truly, the funniest. One of my new students stops right in front of me, looks up and says "hmm...I thought you were going to look different." of course I was curious to know what she was expecting, so I asked. She thinks for a moment and then says, "well I thought you'd be a little prettier....and taller...and kinda skinnier..." and in that moment, I knew that this was going to be an unforgettable year with some of the most hilarious kiddos! 

Alright, enough with my stories. Here's the room! 

Next you'll see my Word Wall. I found these fantastic green chevron plates at Michaels on clearance for 50 cents for a pack of 8! I knew I had to have them, but didn't know how or what I would use them for. Turns out they look great on the Word Wall! 

And here comes the Classroom Library... 

I love my editable library labels! You can find them in Tricia Lyday's Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE.

This 7 Habits tree is my favorite! Luckily for me, my boyfriend did most of the hard work! I have gotten so many compliments from staff and parents. I think it really adds to our reading corner and it's going to be a fabulous reminder for the 7 Habits!

Ugh! Check out that glare! But you get the point! Here's my classroom Leaderboard. Each student will decorate a name card on the first day of school. We will move these name cards through the jobs throughout the year. Want to download this for your classroom? Click HERE.

My math centers have the most fabulous labels thanks to Amy Groesbeck! Grab them in her store HERE.

Our cubbies are finally organized and can I tell you how obsessed I am with all of those cabinets?! I have never been so organized.

At the top you can also see a glimpse of my number line (the darn glare, ugh!!). If you want to see more check out Kinder Craze's Teachers Pay Teacher store. You can download them HERE.

Our learning targets are all hanging on 3M hooks so that can be easily changed for each unit. 

Birthday charts brought to you by The Fabulous Life of an Elementary School Teacher. Stop by her Teacher Pay Teachers store to download these for FREE. 

I'm so excited to use my BLACK dry erase board. This picture definitely does NOT do it justice, but it is pretty sweet! I'm going to use this for my Whole Brain Teaching Scoreboard. 

More Whole Brain Teaching goodies! This will be my first year using Super Improvers in the classroom. I'm anxious to see the results! You can download the Super Improvers labels for free by clicking here

I hope you enjoyed gawking at my classroom as much as I LOVE to look at all of your classrooms! I hope you all have a fantastic school year.


  1. This looks absolutely amazing! I am going to be trying Whole Brain Teaching in Kindergarten this year and I'm going to use the super improvers wall, too! I can't wait to see how yours works with your kiddos! I'm sure you're going to have a great year with your funny little ones! :)

    Fourth Grade Shenanigans

  2. Your room looks amazing! It is very colorful and organized.

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  3. Oh my gosh, I looooove your room! It's so bright and inviting... and organized!! Kids will love it!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Your room looks great and I may have to borrow a few decorating ideas. :-) Can you explain how you are going to use the super improves wall?

  5. Love the room! I hope your year was amazing!! Where did you find those white crates on wheels for chairs?? Love those!! I hope your year doing WBT was great!

    Kickin It Whole Brain In Texas

    1. Thanks Chelsea!
      The crates are made by a brand called Quirky. The wheels are also sold by the brand. You can buy them as extras. I was lucky and found the crates marked down at Homegoods and had to order the wheels online from the company.

      WBT was great this year. I still have learning and tweaking to do for next year. I'm always looking for ways to do it better!

  6. Aww your classroom is adorable! Hope the year was all you hoped! :)


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