Listening Center with QR Codes

Saturday, January 24, 2015
With the addition of 2 new iPad minis to our classroom (thank you I wanted to find a way for my students to have access to more books. I had heard of using QR codes in the past but I was nervous to get the project started. 

Once I put the binder in our classroom the kids were more than excited to begin watching and listening to all kinds of books. 

I got my binder cover from The 2 Teaching Divas,  you can find it in their store here.

Here's what you'll need to get started:
-Page Protectors

Once I had that ready to go I began scouring Teachers Pay Teachers for free QR Code Story downloads. Here are some of my favorites:

Once I had all of my QR Codes printed I began cutting them out and sorting by title. I thought the best way to organize the binder was alphabetically. 


My students do a great job of using the tabs and finding the books they want to read now. 

What I also love about the binder system is that it is easy to quickly add or remove QR Codes to at any time! The kids love to go through our library and give me suggestions of books they'd like to see in the binder. 

Do you use QR codes in your classroom as a listening center?  I'd love to hear how you use them and organize them! 

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