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Thursday, February 5, 2015
This week my task was to try some new social network platforms and write a review. Our main focus was to find resources that would benefit diverse learners. 


This is my "go to" social network. I was first introduced to Pinterest in 2010 when a college professor showed our class, back when you had to be invited to join! Since then I have gained 693 followers, created 82 boards and pinned over 5,000 items - yes, I realize that I might be addicted. But you can't argue the functionality of Pinterest. It's easy to use, easy to find what you're looking for and easy to save all of your great ideas for the future. The majority of my boards are educational and I have started to create very specific boards to fill with resources for the different units I teach. 

You can view more of my boards by clicking here

As I continued my research I found many ways that you could use Pinterest in the classroom. Some of these ideas lend themselves better to secondary classrooms, but we could get creative and make it work in elementary. One of my favorite ways a teacher could use Pinterest in the classroom is for a presentation. Students would utilize the web to conduct research and then pin pictures to create a virtual pasteboard with captions underneath each pin. Read more about using Pinterest in the classroom here.

Next, I thought I would feature some of my favorite Pinners and the resources I found that would benefit diverse learners in my classroom.

First up is Laura Candler, if you don't follow her on Pinterest you need to - right now.

I started by exploring this board of hers, Multiple Intelligences Teaching Resources. Here I found a ton of valuable resources to meet the needs of all of my learners.

Next, I would like to share this awesome board that I found full of ideas for interventions for students with ADHD. You can view this board here.


We are almost two full weeks into using Twitter in the classroom. I am finding that in my 2nd grade classroom my students are LOVING using Twitter. Each student gets a chance to have a day as 'Tweeter of the Day' [Read more about that here].

I'm finding that using Twitter in the classroom gives a voice to the quietest student in the classroom. Shy and quiet students are really coming out of their shell when they know that they are responsible for sharing what we are learning in our classroom. Also, by sending Tweets to our followers (parents, teachers, principals, etc.) students take on a stronger sense of responsibility when participating in the lesson - they know that they will need to be able to communicate what we just learned with our virtual audience.

Here's some Tweets from my 2nd Grade rockstars:

Here's a great article featuring the great things you can do with Twitter in your classroom. And if you're a visual learner, here's an awesome presentation on using Twitter in an elementary classroom (if only I had found this three weeks ago). 

View the presentation here

How do you use social networks in the classroom? 


  1. I am in awe of all of your Pinterest boards! They are so awesome and organized. Right now, I just have a board for school stuff, but I plan on organizing them soon. I completely agree with your comments on the easiness of Pinterest. I can search on Pinterest for 20 minutes and have engaging, hands on activities for the whole week. This is definitely my go to place for things for my classroom. In addition, I loved the board for interventions with students with ADHA. There were so many great ideas to take back to my classroom.

    Your idea of having a Tweeter of the Day is amazing! I had never thought of having a classroom Twitter and allowing the students tweet! There are so many great things about this. Not only do the students get a chance to create a tweet themselves, but I think my parents would love it, too! It would be like a window to our classroom and school day. I plan on trying this. It is such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I love how our Tweeter of the Day is going so far! The kids absolutely love it and the parents have given great feedback. Our principals are both on Twitter and the kids get so excited when they favorite a tweet or tweet back to us.

      Right now I'm looking for ways to beef up what the kids are posting. Since it's their first go-around it basically "We are doing _____ in math" and then a picture, which for them takes quite a bit of work! I'd love to find a way to amp up the posting expectations for their next time as Tweeter of the Day.

  2. Melanie,

    Your accomplishments with Pinterest are impressive. I am sure you have grown as a teacher with each pin. You are also helping so many other teachers to discover your hand-selected collection of resources.

    I love following classrooms on Twitter that allow students to tweet. As Jen pointed out, this practice truly provides a window into your classroom. It is so important to give even very young students a voice.


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