Spring Break Mark Down - Day 1

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
For those of you on Spring Break I hope you're having a great time! For those of you who are not...I am sorry. It has been wonderful. This is the first year I haven't gone anywhere for Spring Break and I'm not mad about it one bit. I'm averaging 12 hours of sleep per day and it's wonderful! 

Now, on to the sale! Each day I've decided to bring you one of my best sellers at a discounted price.
Also, because you're at my blog you're going to get a sneak peek of the product before you buy it! 

When you purchase this set you'll be getting 6 Conversion Posters.

Once you laminate these conversion posters your students will have a great time playing SCOOT. 

You will get 24 SCOOT cards, a recording sheet and an answer key. 

Sale ends March 18th at 11:59pm.

Grab it while it's 20% off! 

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