Summer Recap

Thursday, July 23, 2015
I'm baaaaccckk! Okay, seriously I missed all of my bloggy friends this summer, but it's been so nice having some time off. I thought I would give you all a quick recap of my summer and what I've been up to.

So...I got engaged! Which was the absolute best thing that happened all summer long. Of course it was my ultimate dream day. We had "plans" with the girls for dinner just to be surprised by my guy waiting for me at the cutest little place in our hometown. And the surprises didn't end there, after he popped the question we went back to his parents house for a huge surprise engagement party with our friends from all over the state. It was the most perfect day, I wish I could relive it over and over each day (so cheesy, I know).

And here's where the teacher/ocd/planner part comes in...the wedding, it's basically planned. The big day is March 19, 2016 and the only thing I have left to plan/order is the invitations. My friends think I'm crazy but for those of you who know the teacher-me, you'll understand that this is my norm.

In between wedding planning I was having a blast teaching summer school. This year my I taught a course called Lego Landmarks. Each day we learned about a famous landmark and then...we built! The kids had a BLAST and I got so much work done in my classroom :) It was one of the most independent activities I've ever done before and it was glorious.

My favorite part of the course was having the students create their names on the first day. Once their names were built I took pictures which then turned into their name plates for the rest of the class.

After Lego Landmarks wrapped up I was lucky enough to attend a lot of in district PD. I've got plans to blog about all of the cool things I created and learned later on. Be on the lookout for more on Writing Demonstration Notebooks, Writing Toolkits, Words Their Way 2.0, and Close Reading.

Once July rolled around I finally took a "break" from school work. My friends and I went to Nashville for the weekend, where I saw the best Luke Bryan concert of my life. We also took advantage of the amazing buy one pair of boots, get 2 free deal (total tourist move, I know).

And now...It's finally back to school time. I've got lots of fun things in the works and I can wait to bring you more here soon! Thanks for reading my ramblings of my summer fun. I know that I always love reading what other bloggers are up to in #RealLife so I thought I'd share a bit about mine.

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