Elf in the Classroom

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Elf on the Shelf is by far one of the best things to come along in a while (well in teacher land anyway). This little sucker works like a charm! When you're hours away from your beloved break and your kids are glued to the ceiling, just utter the words "Elf" and the Christmas magic truly happens. 

So let's start at the beginning of all the madness.
One day my kids were begging me to read the Elf on the Shelf book, they were convinced if you read it an Elf will come. So I said I'd read it but can't promise anything will happen. Well Santa decided to send us this package while we were away at lunch! And guess what? It was even cold (teacher tip: put the package in your freezer until you're ready for it, the kids will think it is straight from the North Pole!). We ripped open the package and found a letter from Santa and our beautiful little Elf! Of course after reading our letter from the Big Man we had to find a name for our new little stalker...I mean Elf. This was probably the best part. Listening to the hilarious names they come up with is seriously the best.

After naming him I carefully set him on our shelf, making sure not to touch him of course (I used gloves!). Naturally we had some non-believers, but Frosty took care of that quickly. Because of the way I situated him on the shelf he fell about half way through the afternoon and his legs swung down over the shelf. Almost scared the you know what out of me and every kid screamed! HE MOVED! He must be real!! 

Over the next few weeks Frosty took time making messes in our classroom and reporting back to Santa. 

One day our Elf brought us stickers! (aka labels) These labels had a picture of our Elf and said "Caught Being a Leader". I passed these out throughout the day and HOLY COW my class was awesome! It was so fun watching them watch the Elf to make sure he was catching them being a leader.

One day our Elf even brought us Brag Tags! You can download these brag tags from my Elf on the Shelf Bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers. Click HERE to go to my store. When you download the bundle you'll find a ton of resources to use with your elf including letters from your Elf (boy & girl versions), a sick letter in case he get's touched, an Elf journal for students to complete as they watch their Elf, and an Elf Shenanigans planner for the teacher!

Finally, on Frosty's last day he left us the sweetest letter! You can download that in my Elf Bundle too. Santa said he'd lift his magic for just a few minutes so we could all hug Frosty and say goodbye. My kids quickly moved themselves into a circle and took turns passing him around. I might have even seen a tear or two, it was pretty sweet!

Even though Christmas is over and you're all probably in your jammies reading this be sure to pin some of the pictures for next year! If you've done an Elf in the classroom share your best Elf stories in the comments! 

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from my 2nd grade team! I hope you have a wonderful break. See you in 2016!

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  1. I teach 5th and we have an elf but he's different. Because the kiddos are pinging off the wall a letter comes to each kid (mail merge) telling them Santa is worried about Mrs. S. She usually has so much Spirit but seems a little down. So he is dispatching Star to watch her. She cannot see Star but Star will report every night to see how she is getting along. Star brings along a bag of R.A.C.K. cards for the kiddos to remember to be kiND too. It is a hoot. Once a week Star writes to the them and mentions something he saw them do to help Mrs. S get back her spirit.


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