My End of the Year Activities!

Friday, June 1, 2018 2 comments
You're done with state testing, you've got 5 days of school left and you're looking for something to keep your kids engaged and.......calm. Hey! We've all been there. Here are some of my favorite end of the year activities!

I typically introduce them whenever I can find the time and then use them as my go-to "time fillers" when I can sense we need to switch things up ;)

**All of the links below will take you to "View Only" versions of a Google Doc, Slide or Form. Click "Make a Copy" and you'll be able to edit to fit your needs.

End of the Year Trivia!

This was a HUGE hit in my 4th grade classroom. And the best part was...they were SO quiet while they played. I did not read the questions and I didn't leave the questions up for longer than about 30 seconds. My kiddos quickly learned to stay quiet and work together. In this download I kept the generic rounds that would work for any group of kiddos. Feel free to use the template to add your own rounds. We ended up with around 30 rounds of trivia when it was all said and done.

Create a Board Game

At our school we are paired up with a buddy class. My 4th graders are paired with a 1st grade class. For our last get together of the year we played board games that my kids designed to help the 1st graders with their Accountable Words (also known as Sight Words). My students loved the opportunity to be creative and it was super motivating knowing that real students would actually be playing these games.

Letter Writing

This awesome idea came from a teammate! She stashes the "letters to your 5th grade self" away until January of the next year and then delivers them to the kiddos. I just started these letters this year and I can't wait to deliver them next year :)

These are just a few of my favorite End of the Year go to activities. What End of the Year traditions do you have in your classroom?

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